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Get full coverage on your boat through our excellent boat insurance services. At floatcare.com we take care of our clients with our comprehensive and quality boat insurance policies. We cover all forms of pleasure crafts such as yachts, small craft, Jet Ski's motorboats, sports cruisers, deck boats, bass boats, antique boats, cruiser trawler and many more. Although you can get insurance for your boat through your homeowner's policy, this type of additional insurance may have policy limits or don't cover marine specifications risk. Our experienced boat insurance specialists can help you decide on the best suitable boat insurance provider for your boat and lifestyle. For boat insurance there are two general types you can choose from namely agreed value boat insurance and actual cash value boat insurance. We also offer racing risk cover, coverage for uninsured or underinsured boater protection and emergency boat towing. Call us today for more information. Our experienced specialists will be happy to take your call. Our services are available for clients and extend to other surrounding cities.

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Our boat insurance and yacht insurance specialists will be glad to arrange a boat insurance policy that is customized for you and your boat. We offer flexible and affordable insurance boat services that give quality coverage on any type of boat you have. All of our boat insurance providers have been serving clients for many years who have gained experience and are trained experts in their field. We are happy to guide you through the process of taking up an insurance policy that works for your financial stand and needs. There are many types of boat insurance policy available for you to choose from, we have small boat insurance coverage, yacht insurance policy, mega-yacht insurance coverage, performance boat insurance, charter insurance coverage, personal watercraft insurance and classic boat insurance coverage. Aside from boat insurance policies that protect your boat, we also offer boat insurance programs that include coverage on injuries or damage to other people and their properties caused by your boat such as fuel spills coverage, noncontact accidents coverage and protection off the water boat insurance. Get more information on our services through calling our hotline number. Our courteous and knowledgeable insurance boat experts will explain to you all the best options you can have. You can also get a free no obligation online quotation on your chosen policy.

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  • Comprehensive and Quality Boat Insurance Policies
  • Experienced Boat Insurance Specialists
  • Best Suitable Boat Insurance Provider
  • Agreed Value Boat Insurance
  • Actual Cash Value Boat Insurance
  • Racing Risk Cover
  • Coverage for Uninsured or Underinsured Boater Protection
  • Emergency Boat Towing
  • Pleasure Boat Insurance
  • Flexible and Affordable Insurance Boat Services
  • Small Boat Insurance Coverage
  • Yacht Insurance Policy
  • Mega-Yacht Insurance Coverage
  • Performance Boat Insurance
  • Charter Insurance Coverage
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance
  • Classic Boat Insurance Programs
  • Noncontact Accidents Coverage
  • Protection Off the Water Boat Insurance
  • Courteous and Knowledgeable Insurance Boat Experts